The Big Idea: Eisenhower’s Method + Trello


So, I’m an Avoider. I procrastinate important tasks, avoiding them like the plague, until the deadline looms in front of me like a neon-sign-waving-chomping-with-razor-sharp-teeth grizzly bear and I cannot ignore it anymore. Then, in a rush of panic, I will pull myself up by the bootstraps, forego sleep and sanity, and finish everything usually just by the deadline.

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Tried P90X?

So, I was going to go to the gym five times this week. I was determined. But, on Monday, I managed to strain my foot to the point where I was limping. This had better not be a sign I’m getting old. Today, some time with a tennis ball at my desk (using my foot to roll over it so it massages the areas that have the most pain) has worked some; I’m not limping anymore. But, I don’t think I can go to the gym or even briskly walk until I’m feeling a little better. Bummer.

In the meantime, enjoy this amusing but eye-opening video where the Buzzfeed people try P90X:

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Here we go!


So, this is the starting post for Project Fortitude, my effort to stick with my plan of getting healthier, stronger, and better. I’ve been telling myself I want to make some personal changes to my exercise, diet, and all-around routine for a while now, but I’ve just been struggling with the gumption and follow through.

Maybe if I blog about it, splashing it online in nitpicky detail, I’ll be more inclined to stick with it. I mean, it’s more difficult to blog, three days in a row, “I decided not to do my jog because I’m in the middle of a Veronica Mars binge.”

Also, maybe I can share some of my musings about the craziness that is “trying to be fit” in today’s society and someone will say, “Hey, me too” and I won’t feel too freakish.

One can hope.

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